Voltaire Lab
Berlin based silk screen printing
studio, we offer a wide range of
paper and textile printing

Why Silk Screen printing ?

The screen printing process involves creating a screen and utilises it as a stencil for applying layers of ink on the printing surface. In this procedure, you require various screens for distinct colours that are used in the design and merged to get the final look. Screen printing is the ultimate option for designs that need a top level of vibrancy especially when printing on dark background or product.

We offer different high quality inks for your prints. In the case of a textile production, we also offer a textile fixer so that the paint never loses its shine and wears out, so your T-shirts and bags will last a long time.

We know that no two projects are the same, and that’s why we always try to find the right solution for each one. Even though problems sometimes arise due to format and quantity issues, anything is possible! Therefore, we recommend that your designs have a standardized format: A4, A3, 50×70 cm, 100×70 cm etc.

Where are we?

Our workspace is located in Berlin, but we also offer an international shipping service, taking into account the maximum protection of your prints with proper packaging.
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