Fine art edition for
Mawa Tres

Printed by Voltaire Lab

Juan Pablo Ordúñez / MawatreS, has a degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country.  He has a master's degree in Research and Creation in art and is developing his doctoral thesis on Artistic intervention as a method of building the public sphere. He combines his artistic practice with medication and curatorial projects, as well as being a guest lecturer in the Master's Degree in Contemporary, Performative and Technological Art at the UPV-EHU.

Mawa contacted me in order to reproduce his pantings made out of concrete. The idea was simple but technically difficult: Concrete is a fast-drying material and doesn´t allow serial prints. Due to the difficulty of the printing process, every single print is unique.

Mawa Tres
Project type:
Image edit, pre-impresion
and fine art print.
4 Images.
Edition of 30 per image.
Summer 2018